Quad3 at the Old Port of Montreal - Canada

Quadricycle International’s latest creation is the ultimate!

This new quadricycle, single and double row-models available in Spring 2005, was created by Alto Design 2004 winner of a prestigious Bronze Award for excellence from IDSA. Also called the Surrey bike in the United States, quadrocycle or quadcycle, this four wheel means of transportation can already be called a classic.The quadricycle (Surrey) is also very popular in Europe, which it is commonly called "Rosalie" or "Cuistax".

100% ecologically soundThe quadricycle is a 100% ecologically sound and completely safe recreational vehicle. If you are the owner of an Amusement Park, a resort, a campground or even an hotel chain, your clients will not be able to resist a stroll during a sunny day in one of our quadricycle. It can accommodate two to six children or adults who wish to tour your site in a relaxed and enjoyable fashion. Pedal-driven, with a speed limit of 8 km/h, this unique method of transportation can become an exceptional source of revenue. As of today, more than a million customers have ridden in one of Quadricycle Internationalís vehicles.

More than a Surrey

Unlike the Quadricycle commonly sold as "Surrey", our quadricycle offer a wide range of option and customizations. Available in the color of your choice, the quadricycle can also be personalized with your logo on its exterior. Many options are offered such as the addition of a flashing light, basket, kiddy seats, etc.

This superb quadricycle sports an attractive, contemporary look designed to meet your clientele’s highest expectations.

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